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Hello my name is Scott and I’m the owner of Climb On indoor rock climbing in Wilmington, North Carolina. Today we are going to discuss how to build a rope climber. There are several different types of rope climbers one would be a rope knotted to climb up to build strength. Another type of rope climber is the bachar ladder which is used to gain lock off strength. This is a more advanced tool for climbing. This is something that if you have not taken proper instruction you wouldn’t want to build or try to use. It’s very simple to build, these are retired climbing rope and some PVC pipe and some skate board non skid tape. Each rung is spread out enough that you can do one handed pull ups again for your lock off strength on this ladder. Obviously you’d want to have a spotter or beyond belay whenever you are climbing the bachar ladder using this again is for more advanced climber. If this is a sport you are going to get into and stay in once you’ve been in it a little while. This is a great way to gain better strength in your lock off area for pulling down on holds. Again proper instruction is very important to your safety and to all of your climbing aspects again this has been building a rope climber.


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