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Shoes can have multiple purposes including making life more comfortable as well as being fashionable. However, there are some shoe styles that can lead to chronic problems and consequently should never make it into your regular wardrobe, particularly if you have naturally wide feet.

So you’re looking for shoes that fit you right? I congratulate you for not putting this quest off until your feet have already suffered permanent damage. It’s extremely important to find comfortable wide width shoes. Not just for your comfort but also because of your health.

The first style to stay away from is stiletto heels. I know that women love wearing stiletto heels and they admittedly make a great compliment to the right ensemble, but stiletto heels or any heel for that matter that is higher than three inches puts your body weight on the front of your feet. Pressure like this can create calluses on the balls of your feet and make bunions, corns and hammertoes more painful. You may also find that it will strain tendons and muscles in your foot’s arch. Sometimes we don’t have much of a choice and every woman needs a pair of high heels, but don’t wear them too often or you will end up hurting yourself, and the damage can be permanent.

The second style of avoid is pointy toed shoes. If you wear shoes with pointy toes I am sure that you know that your toes are going to get squeezed together. Not only will this will cause corns and calluses on your feet and toes. In addition, shoes that are pointy can put pressure on ingrown toenails, bunions and you may get hammertoes as well. So not only do these shoes dause the problems, they also can also exacerbate the problem and lead to more permanent issues in the muscles and tendons of your foot.

The third style is a shoe with no heel. You may think that the safe option is flats but this is not always true. Flats can cause particular problems for your Achilles tendon which is not only painful but debilitating. While stilettos focus your weight on the ball of your foot, flats focus your weight on the heel of your foot causing greater strain on the heel and consequently more work for the Achilles. The foot is intended to have your body weight evenly distributed and when we mess with the distribution it causes undue stress on the focused areas.

In conclusion, the key is to recognize the needs of you feet and while fashionable shoes are a necessity sometimes, they must be used in moderation. Wearing one type or and switching between extremes is a recipe for chronic issues in the future. Keep a safe walker in your wardrobe and mix up the fashion footwear more regularly, and when you are relaxing at home, try going barefoot a little more often.


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